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This song is pretty much a literal description of my first dreamwork session with my still-to-this-day analyst and dear friend, Marc Bregman. My “short and sweet” agenda and other details were every bit as absurd as outlined in the song. Though he never did "fix me up and put me back on the street complete," (thank God for that), the guidance Marc has offered by way of my dreams' guidance has been an immeasurable gift. And if I am indeed "finally busting out of jail," then Mr. Dream Dude deserves considerable credit for facilitating and helping plot that masterful escape—perhaps the greatest personal escape of all, certainly in my case. Appropriately then, this song is lovingly dedicated to Marc Bregman—dream dude extraordinaire!

Bob, April 2014


Mr. Dream Dude

Forty-some and single I had shopped the mix and mingle
But the right one, she was still amiss
Somehow she’d eluded me, and hadn’t come to set me free
With one head-spinning Francais kiss
So that was uber-tragic, and something that I had to right
And though I never spoke it, even twist my arm and broke it
I was desperate as a peacenik in a fight

So Mr. Dream Dude, give it to you short and sweet
You got three months to fix me up, and put me back on the street complete

Well he sat there in his chair and tugged his bushy facial hair
Perched his glasses on a mostly hairless head
He didn’t laugh or smile or show me photos of the Nile
To cut the tension that was thick as soda bread
And we just sat there, must have been a week or two
Until he finally looked up from the dream where I was hooked up
By the cops and said, Is this feeling new?

Mr. Dream Dude, hell no, it’s as old as time
Three squares a day, an upper bunk, I like it in jail just fine

Then he said, What you did here was jail-break through the door of fear
And found yourself inside a darkened school
But seems you couldn’t stay and join the other kids at play
So right back to your prison bunk and gruel
And you can stay there, that, my friend, is up to you
But if you’re flat tired of a life that burns no fire
Your dreams will tell you what you have to do

Mr. Dream Dude, whatcha trying to say to me
That if I just follow the path they lead, that my dreams will set me free

Well you shoulda heard the hoopla in my head from all the voices as they said
That I was crazy as a loon
And how could I be taken by this shyster, so mistaken
Cause the white-coat folks were coming for me soon
But fifteen years later, here I am to tell the tale
Of all the me that’s dropped away so I can be that kid at play
The me who’s finally busting out of jail

So Mr. Dream Dude, dreams, it seems, have stoked my life
Don’t feel alone, found me a home, though still haven’t found me a wife


from Child Inside Be Heard, released May 6, 2014
Songwriter: Jeremiah McLane (music), Bob Murray (lyrics/music)

Lead vocals: Bob Murray
Harmony vocals: Jeremiah McLane, Jim Goss, Getty Payson
Keyboard: Jeremiah McLane
Acoustic guitar: Jim Goss



all rights reserved


Bob and the Trubadors Montpelier, Vermont

Bob and the Trubadors offer up a fertile brew of original music, folk-based with shades of blues, jazz and world music.

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